MirOS Manual: du(1)

DU(1)                        BSD Reference Manual                        DU(1)


     du - display disk usage statistics


     du [-a | -s] [-ckrx] [-H | -L | -P] [file ...]


     The du utility displays the file system block usage for each file argu-
     ment and for each directory in the file hierarchy rooted in each directo-
     ry argument. Note that the system block usage is usually greater than the
     actual size of the file. If no file is specified, the block usage of the
     hierarchy rooted in the current directory is displayed.

     The options are as follows:

     -a      Display an entry for each file in the file hierarchy.

     -c      Display the grand total after all the arguments have been pro-

     -H      Symbolic links on the command line are followed. (Symbolic links
             encountered in the tree traversal are not followed.)

     -k      By default, du displays the number of blocks as returned by the
             stat(2) system call, i.e., 512-byte blocks. If the -k flag is
             specified, the number displayed is the number of 1024-byte
             blocks. Partial numbers of blocks are rounded up.

     -L      All symbolic links are followed.

     -P      No symbolic links are followed.

     -r      Generate messages about directories that cannot be read, files
             that cannot be opened, and so on. This is the default case. This
             option exists solely for conformance with X/Open Portability
             Guide Issue 4 ("XPG4").

     -s      Display only the grand total for the specified files.

     -x      File system mount points are not traversed.

     du counts the storage used by symbolic links and not the files they
     reference unless the -H or -L option is specified. If either the -H or -L
     options are specified, storage used by any symbolic links which are fol-
     lowed is not counted or displayed. The -H, -L, and -P options override
     each other and the command's actions are determined by the last one

     Files having multiple hard links are counted (and displayed) a single
     time per du execution.


     BLOCKSIZE  Block counts will be displayed in units of this size block,
                unless the -k option is specified.


     df(1), fts(3), symlink(7), quot(8)


     A du command appeared in Version 3 AT&T UNIX.

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