MirOS Manual: env(1)

ENV(1)                       BSD Reference Manual                       ENV(1)


     env - set and print environment


     env [-i] [name=value ...] [utility [argument ...]]


     env executes utility after modifying the environment as specified on the
     command line. The option name=value specifies an environment variable,
     name, with a value of value.

     The options are as follows:

     -i      Causes env to completely ignore the environment it inherits.

     If no utility is specified, env prints out the names and values of the
     variables in the environment, with one name=value pair per line.


     If the utility is invoked, the exit status of env shall be the exit
     status of utility; otherwise, the env utility exits with one of the fol-
     lowing values:

     0       The env utility completed successfully.

     1-125   The exit code returned from the utility.

     126     The utility specified by utility was found, but could not be in-

     127     The utility specified by utility could not be found.


     execvp(3), environ(7)


     The historic - option has been deprecated but is still supported in this

     The env utility conforms to IEEE Std 1003.2-1992 ("POSIX.2").


     env doesn't handle commands with equal ('=') signs in their names, for
     obvious reasons.

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