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ENV(1)                       BSD Reference Manual                       ENV(1)


     env - set and print environment


     env [-0i] [-u name] [name=value ...] [utility [argument ...]]


     env executes utility after modifying the environment as specified on the
     command line. The option name=value specifies an environment variable,
     name, with a value of value.

     The options are as follows:

     -0       Use the NUL ('\0') character as output line terminator, instead
              of newline ('\n').

     -i       Causes env to completely ignore the environment it inherits.

     -u name  If the environment variable name is set in the environment, re-
              move it before processing the remaining options. This is similar
              to the unset built-in utility in sh(1). The value for name must
              not include an equals sign ('=').

     If no utility is specified, env prints out the names and values of the
     variables in the environment, with one name=value pair per line.

     env doesn't handle commands with equal ('=') signs in their names, for
     obvious reasons.


     The env utility exits with one of the following values:

     0    env completed successfully and, if utility was specified, it was in-
          voked and completed successfully too.

     1    An invalid command line option was passed to env and utility was not
          invoked, or utility was invoked but failed with exit status 1.

     2-125, 128-255
          utility was invoked but failed with this exit status; see its manual
          page for more information.

     126  utility was found but could not be invoked, or it was invoked but
          failed with exit status 126.

     127  utility could not be found, or it was invoked but failed with exit
          status 127.


     execvp(3), environ(7)


     The env utility is compliant with the IEEE Std 1003.1-2008 ("POSIX.1")

     The historic - option has been deprecated but is still supported in this

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