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MIDIPLAY(1)                  BSD Reference Manual                  MIDIPLAY(1)


     midiplay - play MIDI and RMID files


     midiplay [-lmqvx] [-d devno] [-f file] [-t tempo] [file ...]


     The midiplay command plays MIDI and RMID files using the sequencer dev-

     RMID files are Standard MIDI Files embedded in a RIFF container and can
     usually be found with the 'rmi' extension. They contain some additional
     information in other chunks which are not parsed by midiplay yet. RIFF
     containers can contain more than one chunk of data; however, using
     midiplay on these is not supported and will behave unpredictably.

     If no file name is given it will play from standard input; otherwise it
     will play the named files.

     The options are as follows:

     -d devno    Specifies the number of the MIDI device used for output (as
                 listed by the -l flag). The default is device 0.

     -f file     Specifies the name of the sequencer device.

     -l          List the possible devices without playing anything.

     -m          Show MIDI file meta events (copyright, lyrics, etc.).

     -q          Do not play the MIDI file, just parse it.

     -t tempo    Specifies the tempo. Default is 100.

     -v          Be verbose. If the flag is repeated, the verbosity increases.

     -x          Play a small sample sound.


     /dev/music  MIDI sequencer device




     The midiplay command first appeared in NetBSD 1.4. Support for RMID files
     was added in MirBSD #8.


     It may take a long while before playing stops when midiplay is interrupt-
     ed since the sequencer and MIDI buffers will still be emptied.

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