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README.KO(1)    Perl Programmers Reference Guide     README.KO(1)


     perlko - Perl0z GQ19>n @NDZ5y


     Perl@G <<0h?! ?@=E 0M@; H/?5GU4O4Y !

     Perl@: 5.8.0FG:NEM @/4ODZ5e/ISO 10646?! 4kGQ 1$9|@'GQ Av?x@;
     GU4O4Y. @/4ODZ5e Av?x@G @OH/@87N GQA_@O@; :q7TGQ <<0h
     0"19?!<- @/4ODZ5e @L@|?! >20m @V>z0m Av1]55 3N8. >2@L0m @V4B
     <v89@: @NDZ5y@; Av?xGU4O4Y.  @/4ODZ5e4B @| <<0h?!<- >2@L4B
     8p5g >p>n8& @'GQ G%1b C<0h - @/74@G 6sF> >KFD:*, E081
     >KFD:*, 1W8.=: >KFD:*, @N55?M 5?32 >F=C>F@G :j6s9L 0h?-
     =:E)83F., >F6x 9.@Z, Hw:j8. 9.@Z, GQA_@O@G GQ@Z, GQ19>n@G
     GQ1[, @O:;>n@G 0!3*, :O9L @N5p>H@G G%1b C<0h 5n-8& <v?kGO4B
     0M@; 8qG%7N GO0m @V1b 6'9.?! 1bA8?! >2@L4x  0" >p>n 9W 190!
     1W8.0m ?n?5 C<0h?! 0m@/GQ 9.@Z A}GU0z @NDZ5y?! >5 <v @V4B
     8p5g 1[@Z4B 907P@L0m  1bA8 9.@Z A}GU?!<- Av?xGO0m @VAv >J4x
     >FAV 89@: 1[@Z8&  FwGTGO0m @V=@4O4Y.

     Perl@: 3;:N@{@87N @/4ODZ5e8& 9.@Z G%Gv@; @'GX ;g?kGU4O4Y.
     :84Y 18C<@{@87N 8;GO8i Perl =:E)83F. >H?!<-  UTF-8 9.@Z?-@;
     >5 <v @V0m, 0"A> GT<v?M ?,;j@Z(?98& 5i>n, A$1T=D, index,
     substr)0! 9Y@LF. 4@' 4k=E @/4ODZ5e 1[@Z 4@'7N 5?@[GU4O4Y.
     (4u @Z<<GQ 0M@: perlunicode 8E4:>s@; B|0mGO=J=C?@.)
     @/4ODZ5e0! 3N8. :81^5G1b @|?! 3N8. >2@L0m @V>z0m, ?)@|Hw
     3N8. >2@L0m @V4B 0"19/0" >p>n:0 @NDZ5y@87N @TCb7B@; GO0m
     @L5i @NDZ5y@87N 5H 5%@LEM?M 9.<-8& 4Y7g4B 0M@; 5=1b @'GX
     'Encode'0!  >2?4=@4O4Y. 9+>y:84Y 'Encode'8&  =a<- <v89@:
     @NDZ5y ;g@L@G :/H/@; =10T GR <v @V=@4O4Y.

     'Encode'4B 4Y@=0z 00@: GQ19>n @NDZ5y@; Av?xGU4O4Y.

           US-ASCII?M KS X 1001@; 00@L >24B 8VF<9Y@LF. @NDZ5y (HgHw ?O<:G|@L6s0m
           :R82.) KS X 29010z RFC 1557 B|0m.

                 MS-Windows 9x/ME?!<- >2@L4B H.@e ?O<:G|.  euc-kr?! 8,822@Z@G
                 GQ1[ @=@}@; 4uGQ 0M@S.  alias4B uhc, windows-949, x-windows-949,
                 ks_c_5601-1987. 8G 86Av87 @L8'@: @{@}GOAv >J@: @L8'@LAv88, Microsoft
                 A&G0?!<- CP949@G @G9L7N >2@L0m @V@=.

                 KS X 1001:1998 :N7O 3?!<- 1TA$GQ A6GUG|.  9.@Z 79F[Ed8.4B cp949?M
                 86By0!Av7N US-ASCII?M  KS X 1001?! 8,822@Z@G GQ1[ @=@}@; 4uGQ 0M@S.
                 @NDZ5y 9f=D@: @|Gt 4Y8'.

                 RFC 1557?!<- 1TA$GQ GQ19>n @NEM3] 8^@O 13H/?k @NDZ5y@87N US-ASCII?M
                 KS X 1001@; 79F[Ed8.7N GO4B A!?!<- euc-kr0z 00Av88 @NDZ5y 9f=D@L 4Y8'.
                 1997-83b 0f1nAv >2?4@83* 4u @L;s 8^@O 13H/?! >2@LAv >J@=.

perl v5.8.8                2006-06-30                           1

README.KO(1)    Perl Programmers Reference Guide     README.KO(1)

                 KS X 1001(KS C 5601)@; GL(Ao, MSB8& 0@87N GQ 0f?l) ?! 3u>R@; 6'@G
                 @NDZ5y. US-ASCII?M 0aGUGOAv >J0m 456@87N >2@L4B @O@: X11 5n?!<- 1[2C
                 @NDZ5y (ksc5601.1987-0. '0'@: GL@; @G9LGT.)@87N >2@L4B 0M@; A&?GO0m4B
                 0E@G >x@=. KS C 5601@: 19973b KS X 10017N @L8'@; 9Y2Y>z@=.  19983b?!4B  5N
                 1[@Z (@/7NH- :NH#?M 5n7O ;sG% :NH#)0! 4uGXA3@=.

      8n 0!Av ;g?k ?9A&8& >F7!?! :8@T4O4Y.

     ?98& 5i>n, euc-kr @NDZ5y@87N 5H FD@O@; UTF-87N :/H/GO7A8i
     4Y@=0z 00@L GO8i 5K4O4Y.

         perl -Mencoding=euc-kr,STDOUT,utf8 -pe1  < file.euckr > file.utf8

     ?*:/H/@: 4Y@=0z 00@L GR <v @V=@4O4Y.

         perl -Mencoding=utf8,STDOUT,euc-kr -pe1  < file.utf8  > file.euckr

       @L71 :/H/@; A;4u Fm8.GO0T GR <v @V557O Encode 8p5b@; =a<-
     <x<vGO0T Perl7N88 >2@N piconv0! Perl?! 5i>n @V=@4O4Y.
     1W @L8'?!<- >K <v @V5m@L piconv4B Unix?! @V4B iconv8&
     8p5(7N GQ 0M@T4O4Y. 1W ;g?k9}@: >F7!?M 00=@4O4Y.

        piconv -f euc-kr -t utf8 < file.euckr > file.utf8
        piconv -f utf8 -t euc-kr < file.utf8 > file.euckr

       6G, 'PerlIO::encoding' 8p5b@; =a<- GQ19>n @NDZ5y@; >28i<- 1[@Z 4@'
     (9Y@LF. 4@'0! >F4O6s) C38.8& =10T GR <v @V=@4O4Y.


       use encoding 'euc-kr', STDIN => 'euc-kr',
                              STDOUT-> 'euc-kr', STDERR=>'euc-kr';

       print length("0!3*");        # 2  (E+ 5{?HG%4B 1[@Z 4@' C38.8& Av=C)
       print length('0!3*');        # 4  (@[@: 5{?HG%4B 9Y@LF. 4@' C38.8& Av=C)
       print index("GQ0-, 4k5?0-", "?0");   # -1 ('?0'@L >x@=)
       print index('GQ0-, 4k5?0-', '?0');   # 7 (89xB0?M 99xB0 9Y@LF.0! '?0'@G
                                                 DZ5e0*0z @OD!GT.)

     4u @Z<<Hw >K0m =M@88i...

       Perl@; <3D!GO8i  4k4Hw @Z<<GQ 9.<-0! 00@L 5{6s ?@8g, @L 9.<-8& EkGX
     Perl @|9] ;S >F4O6s @/4ODZ5e Av?x, Encode@G ;g?k9} 5n?! 89@: 0M@;
     9h?o <v @V=@4O4Y.  >FAw @L 9.<-4B Gv@g 8p5N ?5>n7N >2?) @V=@4O4Y.

     Perl 0|7C @Z7a

     @'?!<- >p1^GQ  9.<- ??!55 4Y@=0z 00@: @Z7a0! @V=@4O4Y. @L
     8q7O@: 0aDZ ?O@|GQ 0M@L >F4O0m @O:N 4kG%@{@N 0M88 8p@:

perl v5.8.8                2006-06-30                           2

README.KO(1)    Perl Programmers Reference Guide     README.KO(1)

            O'Reilly@G Perl @% Fd@LAv

                 Comprehensive Perl Archive Network

           Perl 8^@O85 8.=:F.. 89@: 8.=:F. 0!?n5%
           perl-unicode?!<- 'Encode'?! 4kGX 3m@GGT.

     Perl@; 4u 1m0T 0x:NGO4B5% 55?r@; AY <v @V4B GQ19>n 0|7C

           Perl GQ19 ;g?k@Z 8p@S

           GQ19>n Perl 4:=: 1W7l

           Perl 8A0E=: (<-?o)

           Home for Korean Perlmanias

           O'Reilly?!<- 3*?B GQ19>n Perl <-@{ 8q7O

           Perl 1bCJ 0-AB 9W <R=:, CV1Y 5?Gb, 0|7C GX? ;g@LF. 85E)

           Perl?! 0|7C5H CGI, DB, ?,5? 5n?! 4kGQ  A$:8 9W 4:=: A&0x

     @/4ODZ5e 9W GQ19>n @NDZ5y 0|7C @Z7a

           @/4ODZ5e DA<R=C>v.

         1b:;@{@87N Unicode?M 00@: ISO G%AX@N  ISO/IEC 10646
         UCS(Universal Character Set)@; 885e4B  ISO/IEC
         JTC1/SC2/WG2@G @% Fd@LAv.

           GQ19>n 9.@Z A}GU 9W @NDZ5y?! 4kGQ >H3;.

           @/4P=:/8.4*=:?!<- @/4ODZ5e?M UTF-8 ;g?k?! 4kGQ 9.4dA}(FAQ)

           @/4P=:/8.4*=:?!<- @/4ODZ5e?M UTF-8 ;g?k?! 4kGQ 9.4dA}(FAQ)@G  GQ19>n 9x?*

perl v5.8.8                2006-06-30                           3

README.KO(1)    Perl Programmers Reference Guide     README.KO(1)


     Encode, Encode::KR, encoding, perluniintro, perlunicode


     Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@iki.fi> =EA$=D <jshin@mailaps.org>

perl v5.8.8                2006-06-30                           4

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