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README.TW(1)    Perl Programmers Reference Guide     README.TW(1)


     perltw - %?Ei$$$e Perl +|+n


     Ew*o(S(l Perl *:$Q&a!

     1q 5.8.0 *)6})l, Perl (c3F$F'95=*: Unicode (8U0j=X) $d4),
     $]3s1a$d4)$F3\&h)T$B;y(t%H%~*:=s=X$h&!; CJK ($$$iAz)
     +K,O(d$$*:$@3!%w. Unicode ,O0j;Z)J*:<P7G,
     8U9O2[;\%@,I$W)R&3*:&r2E: &h$h%@,I, *F$h%@,I,
     %H$N(b*L6!*:$@$A ('FC>$e, 1T'Q(H$e, *|)T'B$e, 'F'B(S$e,
     &L+W$e, &L&a&w$e, 5%5%). %&$].e/G$F&h:X'@7~(t2N;P%-;O (&p PC

     Perl %;(-%H Unicode 6i&f>^'@. 3o*m% Perl $:3!*:&r&j8j.F%i%N
     Unicode *m%; Perl *:(g&!;P:b2E ((R&p%?3W*m%!$q9o) $]/`9o
     Unicode 6i&f>^'@. &b?i$J$N?i%X.I, ,0$F3B2z%H Unicode
     $'+e*:=s=X$h&!@x&s*:8j.F, Perl 4#(Q$F Encode 3o-S<R2U,

     Encode )5&y<R2U$d4)$U&C%?Ei$$$e*:=s=X$h&! ('big5'
     *m% 'big5-eten'):

         big5-eten   Big5 =s=X ('t-J$Q)5&y&r'N)
         big5-hkscs  Big5 + -;4d%~&r60, 2001 &~*)
         cp950       &r=X-6 950 (Big5 + 7L3n2K%[*:&r2E)

     A|(R(S;!, 1N Big5 =s=X*:@I.WB`&( Unicode, /-;]Ad$J$U&C+|%O:

         perl -Mencoding=big5,STDOUT,utf8 -pe1 < file.big5 > file.utf8

     Perl $]$:*~$F "piconv", $@$d'9%~%H Perl
     <g&(*:&r2EB`4+$u(c5{&!, %N*k&p$U:

         piconv -f big5 -t utf8 < file.big5 > file.utf8
         piconv -f utf8 -t big5 < file.utf8 > file.big5

     %t%~, 'Q%N encoding <R2U,
     'A%i%H;4)v<g%X%H&r2E,03f&l*:5{&!=X, &p$U)R%

         #!/usr/bin/env perl
         # 1R0J big5 &r&j8Q*R; <P7G?i%X$J$N<P7G?y;~3#3],0 big5 =s=X
         use encoding 'big5', STDIN => 'big5', STDOUT => 'big5';
         print length("@d>m");            #  2 (By$^89*m%r2E)
         print length('@d>m');            #  4 (3f$^89*m%l$82U)
         print index("=N=N1P;#", "N=N1"); # -1 ($#%]'t&9$l&r&j)
         print index('=N=N1P;#', 'N=N1'); #  1 (1q2D$G-S&l$82U6})l)

     &b3L+a$@&C(R$l8L, "=N" *:2D$G-S&l$82U;P "=N" *:2D$@-
     S&l$82U52&X&( Big5 =X*: "N="; "=N" *:2D$G-S&l$82U+h;P "1P"
     *:2D$@-S&l$82U52&X&( "N1". 3o8Q(M$F%H+e Big5

perl v5.8.8                2006-06-30                           1

README.TW(1)    Perl Programmers Reference Guide     README.TW(1)


     &p*G;]-n's&h*:$$$e=s=X, %i%H1q CPAN (<http://www.cpan.org/>)
     $U8| Encode::HanExtra <R2U. %&%X+e4#(Q$U&C=s=X$h&!:

         cccii       1980 &~$e+X7|*:$$$e8j0T%f4+=X
         euc-tw      Unix )5&y&r2E60, %]'t CNS11643 %--1 1-7
         big5plus    $$$e<F&l$F'^3N1@<s0r*w7|*: Big5+
         big5ext     $$$e<F&l$F'^3N1@<s0r*w7|*: Big5e

     %t%~, Encode::HanConvert <R2U+h4#(Q$FB2AcB`4+%N*:(b:X=s=X:

         big5-simp   Big5 %?Ei$$$e;P Unicode B2Ei$$$e$,B`
         gbk-trad    GBK B2Ei$$$e;P Unicode %?Ei$$$e$,B`

     -Y7Q&b GBK ;P Big5 $'6!$,B`, =P0Q&R8S<R2U$:*~*: b2g.pl ;P
     g2b.pl (b$d5{&!, )N&b5{&!$:(O%N$U&C<g*k:

         use Encode::HanConvert;
         $euc_cn = big5_to_gb($big5); # 1q Big5 B`,0 GBK
         $big5 = gb_to_big5($euc_cn); # 1q GBK B`,0 Big5


     =P0Q&R Perl $:*~*:$j6q;!)z$e%s ($#)/%~,O%N-^$e<g*:),
     (S>G2_'s&hCv)s Perl *:*>CQ, %H$N Unicode *:(O%N$h&!. $#9L,

     4#(Q Perl 8j7=*::t'}

         Perl *:-:-6 (%Q<Z5B'$=%q:{E@)

         Perl :n&X(eBC:t (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)

         Perl 6l;<=W>B$@D}

     >G2_ Perl *::t'}

         %?Ei$$$e*)*:<Z5B' Perl .QBG

         ;OFW Perl 3s=u0Q=W0O ($]4N,O&U$j BBS *: Perl 3s=u*))

     Perl (O%N*L607|

         ;OFW Perl 1@<s2U$@D}

perl v5.8.8                2006-06-30                           2

README.TW(1)    Perl Programmers Reference Guide     README.TW(1)


     Unicode ,[Cv:t'}

         Unicode >G3N>G7| (Unicode <P7G*:(n)w*L)

         Unix/Linux $W*: UTF-8 $N Unicode 5*+H0]


     ,0$0;r%s "%?Ei$$$e" $#%s "AcEi$$$e"?


     Linux 3nEi$$$e$F-p9:


     Encode, Encode::TW, encoding, perluniintro, perlunicode


     Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@iki.fi>

     Autrijus Tang (-p)v:~) <autrijus@autrijus.org>

perl v5.8.8                2006-06-30                           3

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