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QUOTA(1)                     BSD Reference Manual                     QUOTA(1)


     quota - display disk usage and limits


     quota [-q | -v] [-gu]
     quota [-q | -v] -g group ...
     quota [-q | -v] -u user ...


     quota displays users' disk usage and limits. By default only the user
     quotas are printed.

     The options are as follows:

     -g      Print group quotas for the group of which the user is a member.

     -q      Print a more terse message, containing only information on
             filesystems where usage is over quota.

     -u      Print user quotas for the user. This flag is equivalent to the

     -v      quota will display quotas on filesystems where no storage is al-

     Specifying both -g and -u displays both the user quotas and the group
     quotas (for the user).

     Only the superuser may use the -u flag and the optional user argument to
     view the limits of other users. Non-superusers can use the -g flag and
     optional group argument to view only the limits of groups of which they
     are members.

     The -q flag takes precedence over the -v flag.

     quota tries to report the quotas of all mounted filesystems. If the
     filesystem is mounted via NFS, it will attempt to contact the
     rpc.rquotad(8) daemon on the NFS server. For FFS filesystems, quotas must
     be turned on in /etc/fstab. If quota exits with a non-zero status, one or
     more filesystems are over quota.


     quota.user   located at the filesystem root with user quotas
     quota.group  located at the filesystem root with group quotas
     /etc/fstab   to find filesystem names and locations


     quotactl(2), fstab(5), edquota(8), quotacheck(8), quotaon(8),
     repquota(8), rpc.rquotad(8)


     The quota command appeared in 4.2BSD.

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