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Pod::Find(3p)   Perl Programmers Reference Guide    Pod::Find(3p)


     Pod::Find - find POD documents in directory trees


       use Pod::Find qw(pod_find simplify_name);
       my %pods = pod_find({ -verbose => 1, -inc => 1 });
       foreach(keys %pods) {
          print "found library POD `$pods{$_}' in $_\n";

       print "podname=",simplify_name('a/b/c/mymodule.pod'),"\n";

       $location = pod_where( { -inc => 1 }, "Pod::Find" );


     Pod::Find provides a set of functions to locate POD files.
     Note that no function is exported by default to avoid pollu-
     tion of your namespace, so be sure to specify them in the
     use statement if you need them:

       use Pod::Find qw(pod_find);

     From this version on the typical SCM (software configuration
     management) files/directories like RCS, CVS, SCCS, .svn are

     "pod_find( { %opts } , @directories )"

     The function pod_find searches for POD documents in a given
     set of files and/or directories. It returns a hash with the
     file names as keys and the POD name as value. The POD name
     is derived from the file name and its position in the direc-
     tory tree.

     E.g. when searching in $HOME/perl5lib, the file
     $HOME/perl5lib/MyModule.pm would get the POD name MyModule,
     whereas $HOME/perl5lib/Myclass/Subclass.pm would be
     Myclass::Subclass. The name information can be used for POD

     Only text files containing at least one valid POD command
     are found.

     A warning is printed if more than one POD file with the same
     POD name is found, e.g. CPAN.pm in different directories.
     This usually indicates duplicate occurrences of modules in
     the @INC search path.

     OPTIONS The first argument for pod_find may be a hash refer-
     ence with options. The rest are either directories that are
     searched recursively or files.  The POD names of files are
     the plain basenames with any Perl-like extension (.pm, .pl,

perl v5.8.8                2005-02-05                           1

Pod::Find(3p)   Perl Programmers Reference Guide    Pod::Find(3p)

     .pod) stripped.

     "-verbose => 1"
         Print progress information while scanning.

     "-perl => 1"
         Apply Perl-specific heuristics to find the correct PODs.
         This includes stripping Perl-like extensions, omitting
         subdirectories that are numeric but do not match the
         current Perl interpreter's version id, suppressing
         site_perl as a module hierarchy name etc.

     "-script => 1"
         Search for PODs in the current Perl interpreter's
         installation scriptdir. This is taken from the local
         Config module.

     "-inc => 1"
         Search for PODs in the current Perl interpreter's @INC
         paths. This automatically considers paths specified in
         the "PERL5LIB" environment as this is prepended to @INC
         by the Perl interpreter itself.

     "simplify_name( $str )"

     The function simplify_name is equivalent to basename, but
     also strips Perl-like extensions (.pm, .pl, .pod) and exten-
     sions like .bat, .cmd on Win32 and OS/2, or .com on VMS,

     "pod_where( { %opts }, $pod )"

     Returns the location of a pod document given a search direc-
     tory and a module (e.g. "File::Find") or script (e.g. "perl-
     doc") name.


     "-inc => 1"
         Search @INC for the pod and also the "scriptdir" defined
         in the Config module.

     "-dirs => [ $dir1, $dir2, ... ]"
         Reference to an array of search directories. These are
         searched in order before looking in @INC (if -inc).
         Current directory is used if none are specified.

     "-verbose => 1"
         List directories as they are searched

     Returns the full path of the first occurrence to the file.
     Package names (eg 'A::B') are automatically converted to

perl v5.8.8                2005-02-05                           2

Pod::Find(3p)   Perl Programmers Reference Guide    Pod::Find(3p)

     directory names in the selected directory. (eg on unix
     'A::B' is converted to 'A/B'). Additionally, '.pm', '.pl'
     and '.pod' are appended to the search automatically if

     A subdirectory pod/ is also checked if it exists in any of
     the given search directories. This ensures that e.g. perl-
     func is found.

     It is assumed that if a module name is supplied, that that
     name matches the file name. Pods are not opened to check for
     the 'NAME' entry.

     A check is made to make sure that the file that is found
     does contain some pod documentation.

     "contains_pod( $file , $verbose )"

     Returns true if the supplied filename (not POD module) con-
     tains some pod information.


     Please report bugs using <http://rt.cpan.org>.

     Marek Rouchal <marekr@cpan.org>, heavily borrowing code from
     Nick Ing-Simmons' PodToHtml.

     Tim Jenness <t.jenness@jach.hawaii.edu> provided "pod_where"
     and "contains_pod".


     Pod::Parser, Pod::Checker, perldoc

perl v5.8.8                2005-02-05                           3

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