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Search::Dict(3p)Perl Programmers Reference Guide Search::Dict(3p)


     Search::Dict, look - search for key in dictionary file


         use Search::Dict;
         look *FILEHANDLE, $key, $dict, $fold;

         use Search::Dict;
         look *FILEHANDLE, $params;


     Sets file position in FILEHANDLE to be first line greater
     than or equal (stringwise) to $key.  Returns the new file
     position, or -1 if an error occurs.

     The flags specify dictionary order and case folding:

     If $dict is true, search by dictionary order (ignore any-
     thing but word characters and whitespace).  The default is
     honour all characters.

     If $fold is true, ignore case.  The default is to honour

     If there are only three arguments and the third argument is
     a hash reference, the keys of that hash can have values
     "dict", "fold", and "comp" or "xfrm" (see below), and their
     correponding values will be used as the parameters.

     If a comparison subroutine (comp) is defined, it must return
     less than zero, zero, or greater than zero, if the first
     comparand is less than, equal, or greater than the second

     If a transformation subroutine (xfrm) is defined, its value
     is used to transform the lines read from the filehandle
     before their comparison.

perl v5.8.8                2005-02-05                           1

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