MirBSD manpage: slattach(8), slip(8)

SLATTACH(8)              BSD System Manager's Manual               SLATTACH(8)


     slattach - attach serial lines as network interfaces


     slattach [-hm] [-s baudrate] ttyname


     slattach is used to assign a tty line to a network interface, and will
     attach the named tty line to the first available slipdevice that is con-
     figured and up. The following operands are supported by slattach:

     -h            Turn on RTS/CTS flow control. By default, no flow control
                   is done.

     -m            Maintain modem control signals after closing the line.
                   Specifically, this disables HUPCL.

     -s baudrate   Specifies the speed of the connection. If not specified,
                   the default of 9600 is used.

     ttyname       Specifies the name of the tty device. ttyname should be a
                   string of the form "ttyXX", or "/dev/ttyXX".

     In addition, the following flags to ifconfig(8) control various proper-
     ties of the link:

     link0         Turn on Van Jacobsen header compression.

     -link0        Turn off header compression.

     link1         Don't pass through ICMP packets.

     -link1        Do pass through ICMP packets.

     link2         If a packet with a compressed header is received, automati-
                   cally enable compression of outgoing packets.

     -link2        Don't auto-enable compression.

     Only the superuser may attach a network interface.

     To detach the interface, use "ifconfig interface-name down" after killing
     off the slattach process. interface-name is the name that is shown by


           # ifconfig sl0 link0 link2 up
           # slattach ttyh8
           # ifconfig sl1 link0 up
           # slattach -s 4800 /dev/tty01


     Messages indicating the specified interface does not exist, the requested
     address is unknown, the user is not privileged and tried to alter an
     interface's configuration.


     netstat(1), netintro(4), ifconfig(8), rc(8)


     The slattach command appeared in 4.3BSD.

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