MirOS Manual: bwtwo(4)

BWTWO(4)               BSD Programmer's Manual (SPARC)                BWTWO(4)


     bwtwo - monochromatic frame buffer


     bwtwo0 at sbus0 slot ? offset ? (sun4c on-board)
     bwtwo* at sbus? slot ? offset ? (sun4c and sun4m)
     bwtwo0 at obio0 addr 0xfd000000 level 4 (sun4/200)
     bwtwo0 at obio0 addr 0xfb300000 level 4 (sun4/300 in P4 slot)
     bwtwo0 at obio0 addr 0x0b300000 level 4 (sun4/100 in P4 slot)
     wsdisplay* at bwtwo?


     The bwtwo is a black and white frame buffer commonly encountered as the
     on-board frame buffer on sun4 and some sun4c class workstations. It is
     also available as an SBus card for sun4c and sun4m, or as a P4 bus card
     for sun4 workstations.

     The bwtwo driver interfaces the frame buffer with the wscons(4) console
     framework. It does not provide direct device driver entry points but
     makes its functions available via the internal wsdisplay(4) interface.


     agten(4), cgeight(4), cgfour(4), cgfourteen(4), cgsix(4), cgthree(4),
     cgtwelve(4), cgtwo(4), intro(4), mgx(4), pninek(4), pnozz(4), rfx(4),
     sbus(4), tcx(4), tvtwo(4), vigra(4), wscons(4), wsdisplay(4), zx(4)

MirOS BSD #10-current         February 16, 1994                              1

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