The MirOS Project on IRC

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The MirOS Project on IRC

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. The project has two channels that allow you to socialize with other users and developers and maybe pose some questions directly.

The channels are part of the Freenode network. The following are the recommended settings for your IRC client:

Server, port 6697 SSL (or port 6667 unencrypted)
Encoding (charset)

Then you may join the following channels:

Users and developers of MirOS BSD (German / English) or any subprojects of The MirOS Project. Also a social channel (many languages).
Users and developers of mksh, the MirOS Korn Shell (mostly English).
(no longer used, /join #!/bin/mksh instead)
Users of AT&T ksh93, the original Korn Shell, and other Korn Shell implementations such as mksh(1).
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