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⚠ This page contains old, outdated, obsolete, … historic or WIP content! No warranties e.g. for correctness!

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mksh R32 has been released; read the ChangeLog for details. In short, an internal error when using pipelines as co-processes was fixed, array index bounds expanded, the build system improved, and everything cleaned up.

mksh R33 will address the namespace conflict between aliases and shell functions in a way Debian patched their pdksh package to go. This implies that FSH invocations will be able to define all common aliases again.

The first-stage bootblocks (bootxx) of both the i386 and sparc architecture are now self-installing shell scripts that take an extent list (block spans) on standard input. This now allows to create, for example, bootable ISO9660 images for MirBSD/i386 and MirBSD/sparc (or even both at the same time) on a MirBSD/i386 (or even GNU/Linux/i386) box. This is another milestone in the progress of making sparc a full-blown, supported, architecture.

The HTML manual pages have now been split into a machine-independent and a machine-dependent part (or rather, two of them) as well. This allows a much faster release generation on sparc. Furthermore, related manual pages, such as uuencode(1), uudecode(1), b64encode(1) and b64decode(1), now list all of their aliases in the title and are hard linked to save space and generation time (and hopefully search engine traffic, who knows).

mksh R31d released


mksh R31d has been released; read the ChangeLog for details. Basically, another busy loop spinning bug was fixed and everyone should upgrade. This release features PCC support.

mksh R31b has been released; read the ChangeLog for details. This quick follow-up release is because it fixes several important bugs etc.

OSF/1 support thanks to the IceWM coffee pot maintainer, Josef “Jupp” Schugt.

Update: On 09/11, mksh R31c was released, thanks to Josef “Jupp” Söntgen (aka cnuke@)’s very late bug report, which was done IRL instead of via IRC or eMail, which are the usual channels. This release fixes arc4random.c on SunOS due to them bad OpenBSD guys using non-standard types in an API.

Update 2: Everyone should upgrade to mksh R31b or later, due to the bug fixes and their relevance.

mksh R31 released


mksh R31 has been released; read the ChangeLog for details.

This release is dedicated to Bob “maradong” Hentges, Symlink Lëtzebuerg.

XTaran no SPARCstation XTaran of symlink.ch fame has finally helped us to test the latest, greatest and ultimately vt100, grey-on-blue / grey-on-black snapshot – as you can see, it boots up quite nicely. First, the text is still all black on white, but as soon as the framebuffer is initialised, that is switched to lightgrey on black, and further kernel messages are in our well-known, famous lightgrey on blue colour composition.
WARNING: The linked image is more than 1 MiB in size.

Furthermore, this very snapshot has been uploaded (for both the sparc and i386 architectures, with a readme for the former) to /MirOS/current and waits for your test results. We would be glad if someone could help us to fix the remaining bugs especially in the sparc port (nroff, issue with the bootloader and bsd.rd, etc).

The aforementioned XFree86 font issues have been solved provisionally by putting back the cropped and charset-reduced font sets; we will look into this issue after the release sometime.

FrOSCon 2007


This weekend, the project will be present at the FrOSCon 2007 at the FH Bonn-Rhein-Sieg near Bonn, Germany. There is going to be a booth where you can meet the developers, and bsiegert@ will hold a talk about autoconf, automake, and libtool—an introduction to the GNU build system on Sunday at 16:30, room 5.

Note the wlog entry about FrOSCon – more entries will follow, stay tuned.

The CDs to distribute are still not done, sorry… it’ll be an adjusted LinuxTag edition, no more, not even more recent dist sets, due to all the trouble we had.

tg@ and bsiegert@ are appearing at the FH site later this evening and are open for food’n’beer suggestions from donators ☻

MirOS BSD #10 is coming near. The fourth release candidate for i386 has been released. Grab it via HTTP for the i386 or sparc platform, or do a network installation.

Caveat: There is a bug in some of the fonts.alias files from the xbase set. If X fails to start, enter the following commands to fix the problem:

$ sudo ed /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.alias

Note: this affects both the i386 and sparc snapshots!

Hardware problems


Our main cvs and mailing list server, herc.mirbsd.org, has some hardware problems at the moment. This means that the mailing lists are down until further notice. Anonymous CVS access (not from allbsd.org), this website, and BitTorrent are working fine though.

Read/write CVS access to CVS for developers will be restored in one or two days, making tg@’s SPARCstation the temporary CVS master.

Waldemar Brodkorb (wbx@) has donated hardware to act as a supplemental AnonCVS/AnonRSYNC server, which is being initialised and tested right now, as the hosting site only accepts boxen that have passed a typical stress test. Eventually, this box will act as a secondary mail server as well.

For now, please use IRC for bug reports, feature requests, feedback, etc.

Update (2007-08-24): We’re almost back to normal, the server hardware has changed a little until proper replacement can be used (with proper, I mean replacing the IDE crap with SCSI, etc. while we’re at replacing anyway, and actually investing some – well, a lot of – money and effort). Mailing lists work again, and commits will be enabled for developers during short timeframes a few times per day, with immediate rsync actions being taken afterwards just to be on the safe side. This however means: FrOSCon CDs will contain older versions of MirOS, big financial loss for us, and MirOS #10 will be delayed for a yet unknown amount of time (but sparc is finally ready since 23rd).

After FreeWRT, MidnightBSD, a FreeBSD-based operating system, has adopted mksh as its default Korn shell, that is, /bin/mksh and /bin/ksh (but not as /bin/sh). While the current state of integration uses mksh R30, the upcoming R31 release with features requested by MidnightBSD developers will be integrated soon.

We would like to thank the developers of MidnightBSD for considering this and congratulate their users to gain a usable-by-default shell. We would also like to encourage other operating system developers to follow this example and integrate mksh (or, like OpenSolaris, AT&T ksh93).

The BitTorrent tracker now has a torrent for the MirOS #10 RC3 Live+Install CD; of course, the netinstall location has been upgraded with the new dist sets as well. You can now select a keyboard layout during livecd boot, and it's been made more user friendly; many small bugs have been plugged; everyone's favourite shell is at R30-current with support for TenDRA and maybe tcc, and several ports, most notably GNOME, are in good shape.

Please report errors back to us; we don't plan on making any further changes to the codebase save bugfixes and maybe some more changes to ports.

mksh R30 released


mksh R30 has been released; read the ChangeLog for details. FreeWRT, Debian, FreeBSD Ports, MidnightBSD mports, MirPorts, RedHat/Fedora, the OpenSuSE Buildservice all have it already; we expect others to follow.

This release is dedicated to everyone who helped with portability.

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