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New look and feel

2007-06-03 by tg@

Some of you might have noticed the new look & feel creeping onto a few of these pages. Well, after LinuxTag (it was a success, but not like they say in their press announcements, I'm rather laughing at these) and FreeX, whose latest issue has an interesting article about MirOS BSD, and with mksh(1) getting more and more popular, I decided to skip on sleep and fun today and continue hacking on what I had already done for the website. Mostly content today. The MirBSD Korn Shell page got completely rewritten. If you find something, tell me. The theme will probably stay similar like the current one, not like Benny's, but the index on the left will look totally different in some days. I'm only migrating (very) few of the old content. At the moment, “main”, “news”, “mksh” and “wlog-9” are converted, and the old CMS has been hacked for transparent migration to the new CMS (“mws”) using HTTP 301 redirects. Same goes for manual pages (/manN/ -> /cman/manN/) to save space on search engines' hard disc drives. Finally, news and wlog now have permalinks (beta).

UPDATE (02.10.2007): Manpages now have better md redirects, and you can use various syntaxes, including /man/foo.1 or /man{i386,sparc}/bar.8

惣流・アスカ・ラングレー (well, just call him Soryu) and NetBSD®'s Stefan Schumacher have taken photographs of the MirOS team (the Duo Benny and me, Przemysław who run the booth as a mere user, and Much, whose new notebook got freshly set up, but who already knows how to like MirOS with evilwm); I'll put them up here once I get access to all of them.

Because we ran out of CDs, we put the ISO 9660 image on the BitTorrent tracker; please only redistribute it on CDs, DVDs or USB Sticks in order to comply with the licence of the Opera© browser included. You can, of course, also simply do a netinstall.

Update: the pictures are here!

[image] Benny bei der Arbeit (benz at work)
[image] Dæmonische Bilder: Benny (benz, Developer) – bsiegert@
[image] Dæmonische Bilder: Thorsten (mira, Developer) – tg@
[image] Dæmonische Bilder: Przemysław (zeno, User & Booth Staff) – przemek@
[image] Benny, Przemek, mira and much, whose laptop just got freshly installed…

The last picture was made by Stefan Schumacher, thanks!

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