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The MirOS Licence is now, after quite some years, OSI approved, which not only implies an official certification that it conforms to the Open Source Definition, but also allows mksh to be advertised as “OSI Certified Open Source Software”™, and has other benefits, for example qualifying for being hosted by certain projects, or fulfilling certain gouvernment restrictions.

While there has always been cōnsensus that The MirOS Licence is DFSG and OSD and, recently, OKD conformant, only some lists actually included it – the OKFN was quick to do so, but while it qualifies as both Free Software and Free Documentation licence as per the FSF definition, they have yet to respond to my enquiry, and the OSI list has only been updated last night (and could use some UTF-8 fixing, or, in this case certainly better, a downgrade to the ASCII version dubbed the licence template initially).

Still we’re glad that the OSI, although not encouraging people to actually use the licence, given their stance on “licence proliferation”, has done this step. It would be the first approved “copycenter” (as per Marshall Kirk McKusick’s definition) style licence with EU jurisdiction in mind while remaining generally usable.

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