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EvolvisForge blog created

2010-03-01 by (EvolvisForge blog)
Tags: work

It took us a while, but we’ll be participating at Plänet Forge soon as well. We, that is the Evolvis team at tarent GmbH:

  • Thorsten Glaser (that’s me), a sysadmin at tarent and an Evolvis developer
  • Sven Frommeyer, an apprentice sysadmin at tarent
  • Stefan Walenda, our project manager
  • … and potentially others

To clean up the nomenclature…

  • Evolvis is the platform consisting of EvolvisForge and others, such as a Continuum or Hudson build server, an Alfresco DMS, a MediaWiki, …
  • EvolvisForge shall be the name of the customised installation (not fork) of FusionForge (formerly gforge-*.deb) that is used by Evolvis
  • is the public platform where tarent GmbH is presenting their open-sourced projects
  • There are other Evolvis installations at * domains, which are private.

EvolvisForge customisations mostly consist of: take a stable FusionForge version plus bugfixes, sometimes backports (such as the FF 5.0 MediaWiki integration), change some defaults, and add Evolvis branding such as our theme. Also, some integration with the other Evolvis components, Univention/LDAP, etc.

This is a welcoming posting, so I better keep it short. We’ve been in Issy-les-Moulineaux (I hope I spelt that correctly) breaking up the French cabal, but they’re all nice people. Let’s try and improve all the forges!

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