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The Unicode Release

2008-03-15 by tg@

MirOS ξ (MirOS xi) is not only our eleventh release (as I started counting at zero), it is also the Unicode release. While it finally makes sparc a fully supported platform, the real focus is on Unicode, and bsiegert@’s girlfriend seems to have realised that better than I did.

However, in fact, that was only a start. We need to change the character set in order to be able to handle binary files transparently with Unicode-enabled applications — col(1) and tr(1) in MirOS #10 — before converting more applications to use Unicode.

Please give feedback on the thread linked above, if you can.

MirOS #10 does come with everything needed by applications for full Unicode support though, and in contrast to OpenBSD, things really do work. This justifies calling the release like this, even with a Unicode character in its codename.

For the first time, the “tag line” comes without a “WTF?”. You may take this as a sign that we are not confused about ourselves, have gotten over the initial cause to make MirOS and now no longer merely are a team that wants to improve OpenBSD. We are a small but powerful operating system project, with goals (already met or new ones) of our own. We still track OpenBSD, but that’s no longer the focus. Benny’s girlfriend also got that right. And her mouse did attract the users, and stayed topic on the other BSDs’ websites. Wow.

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