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I haven’t written here for a while, but I just want to get one thing said. I might have done what Sun feared first thing after I got a Java™ VM (even if it’s only single-threaded Ewe for embedded systems) running stably on MirOS… it now has a native method arc4random_pushb(3)… yeah!

Entropy is determining a lot of my life these days anyway. For example, accidentally sleeping too few, too much or at weird times, being phoned by random people, talking with Vutral about further possible improvements in our RNGs, being asked by if we are suitable OS for their high-security boxen (almost, but we’ll fix the missing parts, and some they’ve got to do themselves as no off-the-shelf OS does), and reporting in huge masses of entropy to Research Lab — some 128 MiB samples with Firesomething “Bon Echo”, as Opera ISE’d out and Lynx just first ate up all CPU then none at all any more without monitorable activity…

Ah, and BOINC is running stable on MirBSD. MidnightBSD has some issues, mainly due to the fucked-up FreeBSD kernel and brandelf.

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