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more rants

2008-04-20 by tg@

I already ranted about pcc… well, I got a reply to my first mail to the pcc list (where the second one cleared up the five things mentioned in the previous posting), a sort of still friendly one-liner, to which I replied with that he should probably read my other mail, to which I only got an unfriendly comment that “you are wrong”. Hah! (Well, I got my “pcc -E” fixed.)

I guess I just cannot recommend to use pcc, and will have to maintain my own set of patches. Trying to get them upstream shipwrecks on a barrier of incompetence, regarding not only autotools but also how a compiler (cc(1) standard interface) must work: at first, on -O (or -O*), pcc did simply an Oflag++; which I mentioned as wrong (adding a fix)… but look for yourself. Oh, and they reply using weird — OpenBSD (latin1) or Windows (cp1252) — encodings on mails properly sent using Unicode (UTF-8), as is the default in sane operating systems like MirOS and Plan 9. Incompetence whereever you look. This matches the interesting UCB hack in mv(1) I recently found… or OpenBSD’s inability to port GNU tools.

Also, I suppose my ISP/Telco is going to get some angered tg@ tomorrow. The NTP Pool scores show that I’m suffering from a lot of network hiccups. This LCP fluctuation kind of sucks, as does the current transfer rate. Just the latency is still surplus, 11.2ms to (suckers as well, but for totally different reasons) and 18.3ms to (also suckers, for a couple of yet another reasons I think I already elaborated).

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