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… but calling does. The bad part is that the internet support number starts with 0900…, which means it cost me 1.69 €/min (and the call took me about 3‥4 minutes), but on the other hand, they quickly fixed the issue, sent me an SMS that they did it (just, sadly, not what it was), and since then, I haven’t been forcefully disconnected any more. This is good.

Now I’ve just got to look if this is stable, then re-measure my bandwidth. And in May, I’ll get even better upload (736 kbps instead of 608 kbps).

Verpeilungsfaktor stories: in our weblog source, we use RFC822 style header lines: “Date”, “Author”, and… “Title”. Not “Subject”. And I wondered why the posting headline wasn’t shown… Since we’re on Planet Symlink now, I try hard to find a matching one for each posting, because it looks stupid there with just the date.

Another one: we use four dashes on a line by themselves for separating log entries; the mksh regression test uses only three, as you can see. And yes, I fell for it (gave me a nice Perl error message over there, and a nice shell script induced error over here).

A last question (rhetorical: no answer needed, just nudging your brain): what do you do with your spare time, if everyone who’d to something together with you either moved away, is working or ill? And: if you were to move away yourself, would the situation improve, worsen or stay the same?

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