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2008-09-20 by tg@

Today, I hacked some more on mksh’s command line editing modi. They were probably written independently, so Benny’s request for vi mode cursor keys is unfulfillable reasonablily. I’m not quite done, there are some more patches to create, including one to the mksh(1) manual page, but that will come. It’s a hard job, and on a headache-clouded november day like this (no pun, look at the weather!) getting a hacking mood, as well as anything else done, is difficult. I did manage to catch a few sun rays, but… not much. Besides, sitting in front of a monitor all day makes you wish you had learned something else, even if everthing else goes smoothly — which it usually doesn’t…

I tried to make pax(1) compile without the -DLONG_OFF_T define… turns out that all the quad_t types and defines are not existant on Debian. Autoconfiguration and #ifdefs suck if you can do it without, but this will take some more time.

I had an interesting discussion about light bulbs with the MidnightBSD people yesternight. Mine mostly changed to power saving ones I got for free for switching to online invoices from our local provider. Neat. I do keep traditional bulbs in the places where light is needed only for very short times, like the entrance area, and frequently at that.
We often have interesting topics to discuss, e.g. languages, chocolate, things that suck… not only computing things, mind you ;)

I just use …/wlog.htm as my “blog” URI now if someone asks, even though this is not a blog. Symlinks rock.

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