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wb bleu (X40)

2008-12-10 by tg@
Tags: hardware

Yay, the IBM X40 is back. No explanatory letter, just an invoice over 0 € (funny), but it works. The BIOS clock was off by an hour, I suppose they have booted a Windows® — maybe its “driver” has fixed the graphics chip. So I can go back trying to build a working snapshot again.

And never boot a GNU/Linux, especially not KNOPPIX!

PACKSTATION rules! Even though I yet have to figure out how to use it for sending out a snail mail package.

Maybe I should just go and get stuff for soldering odem back to life, though. Anyone want to buy an otherwise perfectly fine working IBM X40 with docking station and laptop bag? It’s not used much even by the previous owner (french company) and in good state.

We have Mirzilla Firetapir now, but I need to figure out how to get a cleanly separated xorg-reachover port for MidnightBSD done… unless I’ll be porting XFree86® (client part only) over.

I’ll still be using nwt this evening for recreation. And the win2k box nocd has RANDEX in Cygwin, using tinyirc, irssi, and mirsirc. I should definitively create a webpage on the site here for randex. Maybe make a tinyirc port — once it can deal with SIGWINCH…

Some search engine bait: Tom Kohnen, thanks for your old nwt laptop. The MirOS OPTU-8 encoding does UTF-8 (WTF-8?) and CESU-8, while OPTU-16 can do UTF-16 in pcc. Mirzilla Firetapir is the Vutral name for Mozilla Firefox, ports/www/firesomething. Vutral too helped to invent the MirOS RANDEX protocol (entropy exchange over IRC), which has nothing to do with the Win32 worm, just random numbers. My graphician — smultron — needs to expand mksh and I suggested, besides letter spelling (em ka es ha, or for the English, em kay es aytch), or the “polish/klingon variant” (m’ksh), or the official expansion “MirBSD Korn Shell”, he call it “MidnightBSD Korn Shell”. The invalid ones were “make shell” or em kay shell, this is something else. On a side note, we’ll be having a logo for mksh(1) soonish.

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