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We can use “machine exec grub /boot/grub/stage2” as well as “machine exec grub /boot/grub/core.img” to chain into GNU GRUB-Legacy or GRUB2 now. GRUB2 is in rescue mode, though, but catting files works, as does chaining from GRUB 0.9x (mirports/sysutils/pxegrub) to GRUB2.

Also, “machine exec grub /stage2_eltorito” works, because they are actually the same (it doesn’t care if it’s a CD or not; we might use that in the future too instead of the tori_bootflag hack). However, while GRUB 0.9x can deal with filesystems created by “mkisofs”, “makefs”, “mkisofs -R”, it cannot deal with one created by “makefs -o rockridge”, neither the old makefs(8) we had 3 months ago, nor stock TNF one, nor our new one with my patches. Since GRUB2 just says unknown filesystem, it’s fine… but useless.

Anyway, I now have a way to boot MS-DOS® from a USB stick (bootbsd → grub → memdisk → DOS) in order to install SYSLINUX on the very same stick… gaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Update: Yay! Our bootloader is now multiboot compliant, detects El Torito in a better way without the patch-the-code kludge, and can thusly survive boot ↔ grub cycles.

2. Update: It can also chain to itself, and can still be used from MS-DOS® or as SYSLINUX (et al.) COMBOOT module. It just can’t load SYSLINUX because you usually only have LDLINUX.SYS not LDLINUX.BIN, see my earlier post. And it can’t load an MS-DOS® boot sector, however, chaining to GRUB then from there to DOS works. (So much for my plans to directly load an IO.SYS file.)

3. Update 18.01.2009: Even GRUB2 could operate on the filesystem. As could various OSes and tools (from Schily and others). Just grub-legacy can’t. What was it? Padding was missing…

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