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2009-01-15 by tg@

Tags: grml

Whew. A long day at work. FreeWRT, OpenNTPD… and that other NTP dæmon. For sarge (first got to create a working sources.list…) and UCS (Univention). No wonder I’m not doing much any more.

Bootloader: cd9660 has no “ls”, ffs and fat (and maybe nfs) do, tftp’s excused. But looking at the code… while adding it would not even add any but just reshuffle it, it’s advertising clause infested and slightly odd so a full rewrite based upon fat and getextent_cd9660(1) will do. Though that not before the next snapshot.

This leaves me with the new manpage for boot(8/i386) and the update to lynx(1) and regenerating ports/INDEX (again).

I also hacked some more wtf-debs and FreeWRT 1.0-stable packages (ARGH THIS IS JUST SO… EVIL, but WDS doesn’t work in trunk sez wbx@).

Mika says I’m going to get my MirGRML. I say he’s going to get his BSD for grml. My colleagues say I’ll probably get some time off for FOSDEM — a few hours of Friday and all of Monday (as a weekend shift is scheduled soonish anyway). Just gecko2@ can’t get off early ☹ Daniel says we could go for DVDs, but I estimate we won’t make it in time this time.

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