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So much for a weekend

2009-01-18 by tg@
Tags: grml snapshot

I seem to have written about it already. Damn. Cost me nearly the entire of this weekend day (yesterday it was more lashing the alliance with mika), and then I still had to fix it — turns out makefs(8) was at fault again. Now who’d have expected this?

Owkay. We have a working bootloader (sans the scheduled rewrite of the cd9660 filesystem, see my last wlog entry), a cleaned up system for both creating the baselive (and DuaLive™ and Triforce™) CDs, stuff for making the bsd.rd for grml, a working ports/sysutils/pxegrub, the legal issues cleaned up, the makefs(8) bug fixed, lynx(1) updated as well as bugfixed (UTF-8 was broken), the MBR source code portable to not include <machine/asm.h>, and the worst problem with the OpenLDAP’s port MESSAGE fixed (discovered at work).

Now it’s later than intended again, but I’ll regenerate the port index later tonight, head to bed then work, and will set up tear tomorrow, for building the snapshot-to-be-uploaded, while writing a new bootloader man page. That should about be it.

I wonder if we should rename MirOS #11 to #12 and issue a release from what we have in -current now (pretty stable it is, plus #10 isn’t really maintained) like I did in the early years, when I start breaking HEAD to merge OpenBSD changes into it. Mh, talk with Benny and replaced.

This 40 work hours per week scheme is annoying. But I guess if all had 34 work hours per week, they’d need additional personnell which has high cost overhead. Damn! If I divided my salary by 40/34, I could still make a living (not much worse than now; still can’t afford much).

Woohoo. replaced commits, n0-1 (FreeWRT) joins the RANDEX contributors club and joins ##/dev/arandom. Just Benny was on vacation, and, again, I didn’t know of it ☺

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