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2009-01-24 by tg@

My pcc wchar_t patch thread gets attention again. Yay!

Good I just installed MirOS on soon-to-be-tear (althouh on odem’s old 2.5″ HDD. I cou^H^Haught an error due to /dev/MAKEDEV using the installer’s user and group databases, which were missing some. And good I compiled a kernel beforehand… bzero(3) is optimised in locore, memset(3) isn’t. Lession learned? Maybe. I bet I’ll do quite some of these “Flüchtigkeitsfehler” again in the future, I always used to do so, even at school.

Damn. SCSI is expensive, and SSDs are available only for SATAn.

Whew, finally weekend. I slept what appears to be 10 hours and dazed for some more. Now I’m unwilling to do any work, but I’ll do what I’m owing y’all. (Yes, normally I try to write British English.) I estimate we’ll have a new i386 snapshot, and mika his special edition, by tomorrow evening. Too bad I delayed testing the MirGRML due to the dayjob workload and general… unwillingness. Anyway, FOSDEM is coming, we’ll shine.

Lucas “laffer1” Holt from our other ally MidnightBSD will also do a special ISO for FOSDEM, which we’ll distribute among people. I wonder if Debian GNU/kFreeBSD does some, maybe an updated GING CD, but I guess that’s up to the Debian people, not for us BSDers.

Since I started working, I can’t bring myself to eat anything in the morning, nor really in the evening. I wonder why that is… I still have a package of black bread here I bought when gecko2@ visited me, that would be 31 Dec I guess. I probably have to throw it away by now, but that sucks. I hope I don’t get even more ill… my colleagues and I have not been feeling all that well for days.

On building a cross-compiler package: I wish I could bring myself to get it done by FOSDEM, maybe Robert Schuster would help baking the JDK.

Anyway, I’d better stop concocting some text here, and instead bring the mock-tear installation into working state and get it to start rsynching, cvs(1) co(1)ing, and compiling…

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