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2009-01-24 snapshot uploaded, pending validation

2009-01-25 by tg@
Tags: grml snapshot

Yesternight, I built an i386 snapshot (including a bsd4grml). This is already uploaded on /MirOS/current/i386/ but beware, it is pending validation, and some things (like the serial console or combined i386+sparc ISOs) are missing. Note that there will be, due to time constraints, no new sparc snapshot, we’ll just use the last one I built.

If people who actually use MirOS/sparc were to talk to us, this situation might improve.

It’s still a couple of days until the Triforce™ ISO and CD label are due, but we’d appreciate independent test results, as usual.

Plans for the FOSDEM Edition Triforce™ (MirOS DuaLive™ + MirGRML) CD-ROM are to add a few packages to the usual baseLive image: IceWM, screen, rsync(GPLv2), mc; possibly ent, lzmadec

Watch the news for announcements about usability of the 2009-01-24 snapshot.

Update: the three serial console floppies and the five ISOs are there and should arrive at the public mirrors tonight. They are in fact bootable and quite probably usable, but bsiegert@ still has to do the validation by doing a full install and some port builds.

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