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Random musings, devised on the best place ever to think (the one in the house where there will be no computer, at most a telephone; insiders know where it is, afk): I wonder what ÆrieBSD will do regarding ports. Sure, granted as long as they don’t change their uname(1) away from OpenBSD (and retain Perl, gcc and the obsd perl espietools) they can continue using OpenBSD ports. But as soon as… we (bsiegert@ and I) know the pain, the autotools tricks, have an infrastructure in place to deal with it, etc. Of course, there is also pkgsrc®, but they aren’t exactly easy to deal with, and pretty over-engineered in most parts while lacking in others (even though they catch up in a few of these). I wonder…

Okay, The MirPorts Framework assumes Perl, most individual ports haven’t been tested with pcc, I have yet to see a constantly working pcc as well, and XFree86® (or Xenocara in /usr/X11R6, should work too) is depended upon for X11. But it should be easier, even if mksh and mirmake are required, than starting from scratch. Heck, even MidnightBSD would probably have jumped on the MirPorts wagon if they had not had such success with mports at that time already.

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