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RANDEX plugin for XChat

2009-06-06 by tg@

The already mentioned RANDEX protocol (entropy exchange via IRC) is now supported, by means of a plugin, on XChat as well. Of course, the whole feeding entropy back to the kernel thing can only work on Win32 (thanks to my earlier changes to arc4random.c and MirOS BSD, although I thought our XChat port is stuck at 1.8.11-1 and only now I see we have an XChat2 port (with a bzip2 distfile, yuck).

This plugin is therefore tested to compile (by myself), with strict warnings on MirOS BSD/i386, Debian Lenny/i386, Mac OSX/i386, Cygwin32 (for MinGW); it works on Lenny, Win2k (myself) and Mac OSX (gecko2@). A ready made DLL for Win32 is available for direct download from us as is the source code. It is, of course, MirOS licenced.

irssi plugin is available from CVSweb or AnonCVS; the MirPorts versions of sirc and tinyirc, as well as tinyirc on bsd4grml and the Live CDs, also support the RANDEX protocol.

While it does not feed back entropy to the kernel on e.g. Mac OSX — due to a hypothetical arc4random_pushk(3) function needing root privs  — it can still be used to access the pool by typing /RANDOM, or simply participate in the distribution (one can get back some from the pool from call MirBSD), thus gecko2@ offered to push it into Fink.

I hope “Biertier” comrad now joins the fun set up by Vutral and me, especially since he operates an SSL-only private IRC server.

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