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Getting closer: new snapshots soon

2009-09-13 by tg@
Tags: snapshot

I'm closer to getting a new bi-arch snapshot ISO done: i386 is in a pretty shape, and the sparc looks good, will be compiling this night, and a few subsequent ones... so both architectures are on the same level. I'll need to do clean installation builds for the snapshots of course. There will probably be a ISO like the Easter 2009 snapshot on BitTorrent again (no TPB, mind you), including the (admittedly slightly dusty) MirGRML.

Since we have over 1 GiB worth of binary packages, mostly compiled by bsiegert@, some of which depend on, while the snapshots will have, fixes10.ngz will contain a binary plug of the older one (built just before the ABI change) for convenience in using the binary packages. Be advised to install it.

mksh(1) is currently being actively developed; the snapshot may come before mksh R40 will be released, but contain a lot of changes from R39 (see the changelog).

I feel like I'm going ill again, bed day for me. This sucks. And I even don't know why.

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