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Happy Benzday!

2009-12-07 by tg@

Since I don't reach you via IRC, phone or Natel™ let me wish you a happy benzday here. ☺☻

I think it's perfectly okay for libobjc to depend on libgcc_s like libstdc++ does. So let's not disable gobjc from base. Rather, make everything except C version-dependent. (Bump base vsn afterwards, the gcc vsn has been already.) I think we'd also best rename the clang executable and make a wrapper using -L, -rpath and -I flags from its CCLD instead of always using these from the system compiler. (I wonder if it's worth the effort to make the C++ header files version dependent as well. Probably.)

We somehow need a way to differentiate ABIs in MirPorts, as there will be several compilers. On MirBSD: base-gcc3.4.6, port-gcc4.4.2, port-llvm-gcc4.2.1, port-pcc, port-nwcc (this list is for i386).

Benny, may I encourage you to hack on pkgtools the next Muttenzday? Especially I'd like to have that file extension retaining/cycling for auto-dependent packages in, it's basically a showstopper for LZMA compressed binary packages. (Will still be LZMA1 for some time, as there is not yet a stable xz release.)

The hardy at MirDebian "WTF" Repository section contains a KDE 3 source and binary package of KWalletCLI 2.00 (built for Debian Lenny and K?buntu Hardy). A KDE 4 package (for Debian squeeze/sid, newer *bunti and ones with KDE4-backport) will be worked upon as soon as I can get into the pkg-kde Alioth group.

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