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new snapshot upcoming

2009-12-29 by tg@
Tags: snapshot

I’m almost there: i386 and sparc have compiled complete. Now I “just” need to do some release engineering (consider whether to re-roll the ports10.ngz dist set; creating the combined manifold Midi-ISO, various things with checksums and signatures, announce and upload) then we’ll have a new snapshot. Finally, I also plan to create a big ISO to replace the “wtf ist hallowe’en” edition. No new MirGRML but nevertheless bugfixes for grub.cfg (memtest and vga modes).

The other side is that I didn’t have to do much for this, luckily; I was still suffering from some kind of cold+stomach ache. I hate that. I bought vitamines etc. for $alot € yesterday to fight it better though.

OpenBSD can build the kernel with pcc now, nice. I thought ÆrieBSD was the one with switching to a GNU-free toolchain goal though…

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