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Current slow period

2013-06-26 by tg@

Just in case someone wonders… I haven’t found any time and “head capacity” to hack recently; $dayjob leaving me sucked dry, with the weather also playing in, etc. but neither did I disappear nor do I intend to drop anything planned.

Sorry for keeping even medium and more severe bugs open for such a long time (several weeks by now, for some); recently I was assured my response time — especially for an Open Source volunteer — is very good still, even if I find it lacking sometimes.

mksh, as one specific thing to mention here, will get an R47 release RSN™ (i.e. as soon as I get around to do it) which could be labelled R46b too (except I like integer version numbers more), it will (that’s a promise) be bugfix-only and ought to be dropped into any place that’s currently shipping R45 or R46, at the very least (and maybe R44 too, and no older versions should be around at all anyway).

Note that me beginning to catch up the TODO list, like today’s cvs(1) upload to Debian, shall not be taken as a sign of me being back (just that I found myself to tackle something). It did take way too long, it’s 22:15 localtime already again, and I had planned to catch up on my leisure reading a bit this evening (damn…) but, well. At least I managed to put in some outdoor fun (to be exact, visiting some more waypoints) too (though I expect this weekend to be scary and it’s definitely underplanned ☹ — but who knows, maybe it’ll be great fun, and wbx@ and my biggest little brother are both a backup plan each.)

Also toying a bit with BOINC again (MirBSD of course, and, this time, some spare CPU capacity at work, which did lead to detecting a hardware/system bug/malconfiguration, even!) prodded by the second (found!) and third (not found… yet) installment of a WCG LC.

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