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FWIW, current CacheWolf development snapshots are available from my server, please don’t overuse its bandwidth…

I did another two geocaches with Dr. Pfeffer, who doesn’t have any internet access nor a statpic yet though. Update: He has now, it looks like I’ve almost got him there.

mksh R31d is released, I just didn’t have any time to prepare a distfile yet. Please see the list of changes, everybody is strongly advised to upgrade.

Ordering things online sucks. I still do not have my SCSI converters. No progress on the MirBSD server front yet. I hope to be able to host a little box at my workplace. Maybe a VM. And the other equipment I wanted (flashlights for geocacheing, for instance) only has been brought to the packet service now, let’s see how long it takes… I wish I had a beer.

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