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Today morning, I showed our website to a colleague. She told me she quite likes the design, the colours don’t hurt the eye. This has to be said (she allowed me to quote her here), in the face of all the critique on the current theme. (That said, the theme is not going to stay in an unmodified form though. I recognise there are problems.) She suggested we put the gothic ASCII-Art text into a graphic, together with the two logos. And “IEs for Linux” shows that a certain graphical browser has quite big issues with CSS in general.

My SCA adapters still haven’t arrived. I guess someone cries for a bad review at ePray.

mksh R31d is there, finally. Well, at least the distfile. Since I’m at work right now, I cannot really do a proper release commit series (www, ports, etc).
This release is dedicated to spaetzle@freewrt.org who kept bugging me to look for another busy-loop spinning bug, and to a certain BSD-licenced compiler whose optimiser bug has yet to be fixed, still. (I’m running with /bin/mksh compiled with pcc without -O but with -xdeljumps o MirBSD right now.) Ah, and the distfiles are there now, finally, too.

Dr. Pfeffer now has a statpic (we had a meal (Döner Kebap) together, and I “persuaded” him to configure it) at OpenCaching now, see above, but the cache we wanted to do during lunch break, with my colleague, was unavailable. Closed during the winter, and the cache owner neither knew about it nor believed me at first (though she later fixed the information and thanked me or so, but at first… nah nevermind).

Benny’s back and in France again (ok he’ll travel to Dresden tomorrow, I guess he’s more on the train line than on the internet line ☺). Just good to know he still cares ☻

Waldemar wants me to produce SPARC CDs… *sigh* guess I really have to work harder on the MI installboot(8) stuff. Damn. But o-okay.

Sometimes, cloning autotools isn’t fun. For instance, when you realise that cutting down its triplet of compile-time, link-time and run-time checks is good, but you do need compile-time checks, since not everything can be done as link-time check (e.g. checking for declarations when using deliberately wrong ones to make the compile clash — these clash at link time when the declaration actually was not existent). Oh well. Fixed.

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