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Okay, what has happened the last few days in MirWRT-Land? I’m sort of feeling ill, sneezing a lot, coughing some, having to depollute quite often. I wonder… I am taking some vitamins…

My SCA adapters arrived on Tuesday. Almost in the night. Okay. That was a bad review at ePray. Or so I thought. It did not accept that from me without me passing some kind of driving licence-alike test… weirdos. Then I got a “function not available”, went back in the browser history, had to edit the line again because € was changed to ↺ which was, in total, too long… submitted… rejoiced… or so I thought. They accepted it — finally — but then asked me if I want to add that guy to the list of my preferred sellers. Yeaaah, of course…

Then I worked on MI installboot(8), got done with the sparc part at a Netzladen hacking session (well, more of a hacking-alone session, fukami just chilled and occasionally smoked (grr…) and Dr. Pfeffer came late — although he hacked on CacheWolf and I helped him test some diffs). I think I can now do what wbx@ prodded me for quite strongly on the phone: create a sparc bootable CD on i386 (or even non-MirBSD, for that matter). After bootxx/i386 is converted, I think I’m going to stop working on this until past the release, but it’s good to see that it works and can probably be easy to finish.

On Wednesday, I managed to add the SCSI discs (all five of them, after stealing jumpers from old boxen) to tear. They work quite nice, except the chassis is now humming. Well, 10kRPM drives. Okay. I low-level-formatted them of course, neither do I need or want the data which was on them before nor do I desire bad blocks if I have the chance to scan for them (Benny asks me “why” every time I do low-level formats, but I still believe in them, even though these aren’t MFM or RLL discs any more). And they’re really fast, I was amazed. I think I won’t need to RAID 1 the CVS repository into memory for speed, even if I could now.

Well, next on the agenda would be migrating to tear while releasing and already coding some post-release stuff. Damn, hen-egg problem. I wonder, but not about how I’m going to solve it but when I get my lazy arse moved ☺ We’re making good progress nevertheless.

Benny agreed (via the phone) to speed up the build by several hours (on a P2-350 — probably much more on the sparc) by just linking HTML manual pages if the catman page is only a link too. I implemented it, but since these generated from <bsd.man.mk>’s MLINKS are hardlinked, I needed inode tracking and cacheing, ino_t is unsigned 32-bit, so mksh’s arrays need to be able to use 32, not 31, bit as index. Done now, and it pleased me to shock my packagers, doing as if mksh R32 were impending ☻

Ah yes, Opera got a security upgrade, and while playing with AWStats at work, I realised our Lynx didn’t get counted as Lynx but MSIE… sucks though it helps with certain sites, so I changed that. Can’t have enough people noticing the small ones (Lynx as well as MirBSD). Really.

I am going to have to write an install.sparc(7) page — talking with the MidnightBSD people I realised few people know how to netboot a sparc, and since all of our manual pages are online, I just could have pointed him there. But the mnbsd people are all quite nice.

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