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I suppose this is the day my best friend moves back into this city, and since it’s due to his girlfriend I guess credit goes to her. Good. Now we can hang around more than the last years.

Today though I was at the others’ place (at cnuke@ and bogus), together with Kabelaffe, and we hacked a little, everybody on his own project, as we used to do in the past as well. I managed to create self-installing i386 boot blocks, integrated the chain boot block and SunOS disklabel, and now everything is ready for MI installboot(8).

I also started to poke around the kernel for using the hardware-aided AES functions modern CPUs (not crypto extension cards!) provide. UVM swapencrypt is going to use this code soon. vnd(4) will use the OCF — crypto(9) — for operations though, so that users can select the actual algorithm used, and we retain backwards compatibility (plus, software blowfish is a little less CPU intensive than software Rijndaël (AES)). I’ll have to write some glue first though, as the APIs differ. And I’m still wondering how to test all of this… I guess tear will have to hold for it prior to going live.

I still did not make any progress with the merged manual pages though. (Making a list which of them is the same between arches.) Although this would be nice to spot gcc/sparc/nroff bugs as well.

I had some conversation with Miod; maybe we should get boot.net back, as bsd.net kernels can’t be debugged (due to having their symbol table stripped, Miod says, but I don’t think it’s entirely stripped from what I see at elf2aout(1)’s code). But I still need some helpful people to e.g. maintain an mksh port inside OpenBSD Ports… and we definitively need a kernel coder inside the MirOS project.

It’s getting cold. Winter is near. Okay, so is Samhain.

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