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Okay, the boot blocks are MI, the manual pages are split, generated much faster, and I’ve been working on the AES improvements. Today the weather doesn’t make me (or Dr. Pfeffer either) feel like going out, even though there are some interesting new caches in the area.

I’m still waiting for half of the equipment I ordered, but tear can finally be installed now (I’ll just change the internal cabling a bit beforehand though, to make my nerves more at ease).

UPDATE: Changing the cabling wasn’t easily possible, but I cleaned up the inside a little. But RAID initialisation definitively took too long, and afterwards I filled /dev/rsd0b with /dev/arandom at about 80 KiB/s, which is most truly not enough for an U160 SCSI device, not to speak about the U320 devices I also have in there. So I need a new SCSI HBA, which is supported by MirBSD and handles U320 LVD drives. This sucks. And it postpones usage of my new server quite a bit. The devices almost all share IRQ 11, which sucks even more. I gather from Xen/Linux console output that ACPI devices have 256 IRQ lines? This would be the one and only reason for me to adopt it…

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