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I played a little around at work, and MirOS does boot fine, even with networking, in a Xen HVM configuration. Since it was at work, I couldn’t really do much. It was tricky, though. My boss now wants to know if Windows® would also work (I assume so, now I know how).

FreeWRT nor also has online manual pages, now guess whose script is doing the job. Right. I’m especially proud of the fact that this was in no way paid work (and that ekkoBSD was not for void either). I thought, after having hacked on it for quite a bit on the last days, that my other project (I am, after all, the provisional project leader until wbx@ is no longer EAVAIL) could benefit from it as well — I think manpages are a unique selling point in the embedded GNU/Linux distribution market (others have their own USPs… such as working X11…), and I discussed the idea with wbx@ a long time ago already; now it’s there. Of course, the packagers need to make sure themselves that their do-install targets actually provide the manpages, formatted or not, no matter, to the system.

herc crashed today due to a panic. This sucks. No idea why, and I had no time to check either, since the system is live. raid(4) boxen seem to tend to crash more often under low-ram, much-I/O situations. No data was lost, though.

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