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Synergy effects are the best. The geocacheing software Cachewolf now has automatically generated nightly builds thanks to a FreeWRT box, whose developers help testing and spotting all the bugs in mksh, make(1) and the HTML manpage stuff, and all projects get better. Wow.

I feel a little ill at the moment, which quite sucks. Not even bad enough to be unable to work, just… anyway, my bosses sent me to the Doctor.

I have generated a new 5120 bit RSA host key for use on tear (my new server), so that we can continue working on the #10 release timely even though the box is still not ready. (SCSI HBA woes, at the moment. Gosh!)

Benny, despite busy moving, is working on MirPorts again. Austriancoder and spaetzle are helping with FreeWRT. It’s good to know you’re not alone. Users are giving actual feedback. People (e.g. developers of other projects) are helping pro bono. The world is a good place still. Despite…

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