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The svk port is alive and kicking at devel/svk. I have used it for some simple RCS and merging scenarios with my gf's diploma thesis, and it seems to be working very well, better than subversion even. Startup time is very long (up to 10 seconds, even for svk help) but once it gets going, the operations themselves are quicker. And smerge is just very cool: you can merge one branch into another without manually keeping track of branch points and the like. It seems to me that svk can replace CVS's vendor branches easily, something Subversion does not do. Nice.

I should be starting my PhD thesis in november but I am still struggling with the bureaucrats. The problem is that I do not have the diploma itself, i.e. the peace of paper, as the evaluation of the thesis is not finished. So my employer told me to get a "provisional attestation" (?). Now, suddenly they tell me that they cannot take the one I sent them into account because my thesis is not yet noted. Great. Grr.

I tried to install my T-Com Speedport W701V router at my parents' place, only to have it crashing on me. It seems that the thing is stuck in an endless reset loop. The action of mine that brought it into this state was clicking "Step-by-step DSL installation". So much for T-Com (that does not exist as a brand any more anyway, I think) and for our channel motto Technik ist scheiße und funktioniert nicht. How right.

Update 20071231: T-Com exchanged the router without a fuss. Apparently, this is a known problem.

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