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gcc is crap, and I have no idea how to figure out where the cause of today’s herc/rant outage, kern_sysctl + 0x2f6, is, since it seems to have reordered the functions. Damn it.

I managed to get Dr. Pfeffer to go cache hunting with me again, and we didn’t find one (the most easy one), but the other two (at 18:00 and at 19:00 local time, almost exactly). And at 16:00 I had the cache near his home location ☺ This makes, considering not both sites list all caches, a total of 29 (an offset of 3 at OC, and 2 at GC. Now I dropped a TB at an OC-only cache and am still trying to sort out THIS mess ☺

It’s raining now. Shit, considering I left my bike at Dr. Pfeffer’s place yesterday (due to me staying at some other place over night, where we did the caches), and I need it tomorrow (or rather not, if it’s still raining by then).

As usual, no data got lost (at HERC/RANT), and I held the cache in my hand almost immediately.

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