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I finally have the time (and the possibility!) to write a wlog entry. Thorsten has been absent since the end of november. The problem is that many MirOS services, mostly e-mail and the CVS master, were running on herc.mirbsd.org, which is located in tg's apartment. Now that he is not there, herc is also down. This means that mails do not work. I do not have the subscriber list for the mailing lists so I cannot resurrect these.

gecko's server aka anoncvs.mirbsd.org is the new CVS master. It is running Debian GNU/Linux with an older version of CVS. Thus, I had to fiddle a lot with the scripts in CVSROOT. The most obvious effect is that new commits do not have commitids; they get the process group of the commit process instead, which is meaningless and not unique.

However, as said on the news page, development continues, even if MirOS #10 will be pushed back even more. To follow CVS, look at the changelogs or into the cvsweb. anoncvs is running great.

There were two security-related commits this week: one in src/usr.bin/perl, the other in ports/devel/pcre. Please update those two. A binary package to replace perl in base will be available RSN.

Update 20071126: See news entry.

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